more than just words


Treatment Philosophy

Welcome to the Geneva Smile Center, the centre of excellence for dental care in Geneva…

More than just words… means that your oral health and smile will receive utmost attention from our highly dedicated and specialized team.

In fact, your treatment will be performed only by leading dental professionals who strive for excellence in order to maintain or give you an attractive smile and function.

We also commit to exclusively use dental materials and clinical procedures of proven quality. We dedicate ourselves to search for the best products and solutions to fulfil our patients’ needs through our own scientific and clinical knowledge and also through our many contacts within the dental industry and with world leading clinicians.

A healthy and beautiful SMILE is much more than a dental concern, it actually makes a whole individual feeling and looking more attractive and confident.

The smile is known to be the centre of attention for everyone looking at you and listening to you…and we trust that our dentistry might be able to help you if you are not satisfied with your teeth.

Geneva Smile Center
Geneva Smile Center