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Anterior restorations
Full ceramic crowns & bridges

Full ceramic crowns
When teeth are more severely decayed due to existing restorations, carious diseases or wear and erosion, a full tooth coverage might be necessary. Most anterior crowns are made today of mere ceramic. According to functional parameters and the remaining hard tissue conditions (amount and color), different systems can be used in order to maximize restoration strength and aesthetics.

Single full ceramic crown with adhesive metal
free foundation on an endodontically treated tooth
Old metal-ceramic crowns with improper margin design and recurrent decays.
The restorations show poor aesthetics and incorrect gingival profile.
Single full ceramic crowns on non vital anterior teeth after
endodontic and periodontal therapies. Note the new gingival
architecture providing symetry and harmony.
Old metal-ceramic bridges which require replacement because of recurrent decay and improper margin design and adaptation.
Anterior metal-ceramic bridge. This option remains the safest, strongest and most durable restoration for the prosthetic replacement of anterior as well as posterior teeth. Full ceramic systems can alternately be used but are aesthetically and mechanically much more challenging. There is insufficient long-term experience with this new technology.
Great care is given to the conditioning of the soft tissue to obtain a natural and harmonious integration of the prosthesis
….The new smile….showing harmony and beauty.