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Anterior Composites
Free-Hand Bonding

Anterior Aesthetic Restorations:

There are various restorative options which we can consider to replace a broken edge, improve tooth proportions & forms or to redesign your smile completely. Whatever the treatment you require, we will help you find the most conservative and effective solution for your functional and aesthetic needs.

Free-hand composites

Resin composites are made of a fine glass-ceramic powder mixed with a small amount of light-curing resin, to allow the material to be applied, shaped and hardened directly on the tooth, whose surface has been previously treated with a special adhesive system. The latest composite generation offers a wear resistance similar to natural enamel, a range of shades which fit any tooth color and excellent long-term color stability. The large majority of cases will be restored with a product design by Dr. Didier Dietschi in collaboration with one of the world leading companies in the field of restorative materials: Coltenewhaledent (for more information visit

Pre-op: fracture of the right central incisor following a sporting accident
Direct composite build-up
Prior treatment
Post treatment: free-hand reshaping of 6 anterior teeth bonding with MIRIS®