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Procedure & Portfolio

Dental Hygiene Treatment

Initial phase

Analysis of your general health and eventual links to your oral health
• Documents necessary to complete your oral health analysis (X-rays, photos, study models if necessary)
• Oral hygiene education (brushing, interdental procedures)
• Scaling, polishing, fluoride treatments if required
• Establish recall frequency with the dental hygienist.

The Initial phase could require more than one appointment

Maintenance Phase

Update of general health and X-rays, check-up and prevention of new dental or periodontal problems, dental hygiene follow-up, cleaning and polishing and fluoride treatment if necessary.

Support and Prevention of Periodontal disease

• Prophylaxis (cleaning and polishing) using the latest Swiss Piezon® NO PAIN technology
• Air polishing system (EMS AIR-FLOW® Guided Biofilm Therapy) for a selective elimination of biofilm and stain on all dental surfaces
• Bio-stimulation and photo activated disinfection (laser) for periodontal lesions and implants
• Prevention and screening of peri-implantitis.

Additional Treatment

• Sensitivity treatment with Wiser® laser
• Food advice related to oral health
• Screening of bruxism and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems
• Impressions for study models and mouth guards
• Home bleaching
• Referral of patients to a specialist for orthodontic, aesthetic, or Invisalign® treatment.