About LDCW and what it means for you as a patient

Excellence in the art of dentistry is the cornerstone of The Leading Dental Centers of The World LDCW® brand. It is our most cherished and protected value.

Today the advances in technology have created an overwhelming flood of information about choices available to anyone looking for a dental center.

Try a Web search on any dental-related word or phrase, and you’ll see what we mean. The whole world is there, waiting for you. And every dental center looks good. So how do you choose? Simply search in The LDCW®. It is our goal to provide the people with the assurance that, when they choose a LDCW® they are choosing the best they can get.

• “State of the Art” esthetics and treatment results
• World renowned professionals, university teachers or masters on their specialties
• Ultimate equipment following the latest technologies
• Excellent service and facilities
• Personalized treatment plans
• Guarantee of quality

So, as you look for your dental center, remember that there is a simple short cut to excellence: The Leading Dental Centers of The World LDCW®. The smile that you’ve always dreamed of is only a mouse click away.

The Geneva Smile Center has been appointed by invitation as it naturally sticks to the highest standards promoted by this extremely selected group.

Geneva Smile Center
Geneva Smile Center